Step by step description how to sign up for Scout Up Your Summer 2020

Before you register, please read through all given information carefully!

Registration, how to?

Step by step description how to sign up for Scout Up Your Summer 2020

Before you register, please read through all given information carefully!


With a group registration you can sign up your own group/ section for Scout-Up Your Summer 2020.

It is only possible to register via the internet. This offers the advantage of checking real time whether there are places available still. To ensure the registration

process goes smoothly, you need to keep the following at hand:

· A valid e-mail address of yourself

· A username and password for the website of Scouting Nederland

Also take the following into account:

· Read the participant conditions carefully, so as not to present any surprises

· The registration closes on 31 May 2020.

· You always receive a confirmation email. Please contact the helpdesk via the e-mail address

Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. if you did not receive one.

If you have problems with registering, please first check the frequently asked questions or send an email to the helpdesk.


Heads up! Registrations are preferably done on a laptop or desktop computer. The registration might not work on a tablet or smartphone!

If you make the group registration via Scouts Online, then you are the contact person for your registration.

As contact person you also need to take care that the payment of the camp fee for all participants of your own group will be done in time. You can only pay the camp fee for Scout-Up Your Summer 2020 with your own transfer.

The invoice is attached to the registration confirmation.

All payments must be received on 1 June 2020 on bank account NL82INGB0006883410 by name of  ‘Scouting Landgoed Zeewolde’ mentioning your registration number in the description.


Until May 31, 2020, the contact person can make any changes to the registration system. Please note: downwards can be adjusted up to and including 31 May 2020.

The contact person declares that he / she is authorized to act on behalf of the participants.

In the months before the camp, the contact person must register the participants individually at the night register.


Step 1: Scouts Online login and e-mail

Make sure you can log in to Scout Online and that you have a valid e-mail address in your profile. It is important to make sure that all participants you sign up also have a valid e-mail address in Scouts Online.

These personal e-mail addresses of the participants will also receive specific information. Before you continue it is easiest to log in to Scout Online first. If you already have a username and password (account), you can enter this.

If you do not have an account, you must create it first. Follow the instructions, log in and then come back to this page to continue with the registration.

If there are problems with creating an account, it is because your data is probably not properly registered with Scouting Nederland. Ask the secretary or

data manager of your group to check whether your date of birth, name, gender and address have been entered correctly

check here with the most frequently asked questions if you have problems logging in


Step 2: Register

After you have logged in, click on one of the registration buttons on this page and you will be taken to the Scouts-Up Your Summer 2020 page of Scouts Online.

Group registration click here

If you are not yet logged in, you must first log in.

You can now fill in the general questions for your group/ section as a group contact person.

Later you can add your group members to the night register.


Step 3: Fill out the form

At the Scouts Online page where you are now there is data that needs to be given before being able to continue.

All questions with an asterisk* are mandatory. Some questions are open and with other

questions you can choose an answer in a menu or check the right answer in the answer box.

You can adjust these answers after your registration later (until 31 May 2020). In the form, various data has already been entered that is already known in the database.

Questions in the form:

* Group details, who is your contact during Scout-Up Your Summer 2020?

Number of staff members (a)

Number of youth participants (b)

Total number of participants (c)


Specify how many staff members (a) and how many youth participants (b) are attending. Add these and fill them in with the total (c).

Note: The costs and necessary provisions are calculated on the number of items entered at



* Will you attend with scouts or explorers?

* Transport, how many vehicles, trailers, sailing equipment etc. are in need of a parking space

* Additional information, think about disabilities, food allergies etc.

* Do you want to use extra options ?, you can pay for these options upon arrival


If your details, such as your address or e-mail address, do not match, you can change these on After logging in, go to “My basic data” in the “My Scouting menu”.

Here you can view and change your own personal data. The new data is automatically processed in the registration data of Scout-Up Your Summer.


Group bank account

The group’s bank account is available for the group form. If the group account is used and the contact person is not authorized, the form can still be filled in and sent. After

sending the form, the treasurer automatically receives an email to approve the use of the

group account. If the treasurer does not approve the use of the group account, the

registration is cancelled. The contact person must then re-register using another account


If your registration is awaiting approval from the treasurer, you can not change the form.

The treasurer must first approve your registration.


Participant conditions and house rules

 In the registration form there is being referred to the participation conditions. Read through these carefully because stated in these are cancelling costs, insurance possibilities, etc. Make sure other group members are aware of these conditions. When signing up for Scout-Up Your Summer every participant automatically agrees to these therms.

Click here to read the participant conditions

Click here to read the house rules


Step 4: Sending

 When all data has been filled in correctly click “send”. If you forgot to fill in anything the system will redirect you to the form and the missing part will be highlighted (in red).

After your registration a summary screen with all your data will be shown. You can also get back to your registration on a later moment to make changes.

If the registration went well you will receive a confirmation via e-mail.


Step 5: Signing up individual group members

In the months prior to the camp the contact person is expected to sign in individual group members to the night register/ participants list.

Make sure this is done a week before the camp at latest.

To sign in individual group members go to Scouts Online and log in.

Use this link to open the night register and add the names of the participants.

Each group fills in this form once. Add every member attending.

Fill in the sur- and last name, date of birth and participants hometown.

After sending the register you will receive another confirmation via e-mail.

Found out you made a mistake or something needs to be updated in the register? Use the following steps to re-open it:

-       Log in to Scouts Online

-       Click on the menu for “Mijn Scouting”/ “My Scouting”

-       Under the tab “spel” choose “Mijn inschrijvingen”

-       Check the form you wish to apply changes to

-       In this case pick the registration form for Scout-Up Your Summer 2020

-       Check the blue button that says “formulier aanpassen”

-       Apply the necessary changes and confirm


Having trouble with the registration? Please contact the helpdesk.