At a camp like Scout-Up Your Summer the most important rule is ofcourse to have fun with all the other scouts. Watch out for each other and make sure everyone, yourself included, has a great week!

Camp rules Scouting estate Zeewolde

The camp rules applying to Scout-Up Your Summer are those of Scouting Estate Zeewolde. These rules can be found on their website.

Further important notices

Leave valuables at home. The organisation is in no way responsible for loss, theft or damage of your brought items.

First aid
Like any other camp you will be responsible for your own first aid. Make sure you have a complete first aid kit at hand, both on- and offsite. Also check for ticks on a regular basis. Upon arrival you will receive information about facilities in the nearby vicinity including dental offices, GP offices and hospitals.

Brought equipment
It is not allowed to bring aggregates, large accu’s, laser equipment, light- or sound equipment. The organisation will suffice in these when needed.

Lost & Found
At the staff you can hand over found items or look for items you lost yourself. After Sunday 28th of July these items will be handed over to either the service staff or the national scout centre in Leusden. Contact either of these in case of missing properties. Valuables and official documents will be handed over to the municipality of Zeewolde. Upon losing your ID-card, passport or drivers license you are obliged to notify the police.

Arrival/ departure
New groups, arriving at either the 4th, 11th or 18th of July can pitch their tents at 13.00. At the departure days 11th, 18th and 25th of July we ask of you to have your terrain emptied and cleaned by 11.00.

Smoking, drugs and alcohol
Smoking is only allowed at certain, pre spoken places at the campsite. For the use of alcohol we hold on to the legal boundaries of 18+ and will therefore not be allowed by youth participants. Leaders are free to use alcohol if wanted but only outside of programme times (so after youth bed time) and by own responsibility. We do expect at least one person per group to be sober at all times in case of calamities. This doesn’t extend to liquors, only small percentage alcoholic beverages like beer and wine are allowed on the estate. The misuse of alcohol resulting in nuisance or worse will have consequences. Possession of (soft)drugs is at all times prohibited. When found the persons responsible will be removed immediately. This will also be notified to the board of Scouting Nederland and the board of ones own Scouting group.

Camping spots
These spots will be pointed out by the staff. Their instructions are to be followed at any time.

Upon departure your camping spot will be checked by the service staff for damage and left goods. Seeing the amount of groups it is important to notify them on time when leaving.

In case of doubt or discussions about what is and what is not allowed during Scout-Up Your Summer the project leaders can be questioned. They are responsible and hold the final verdict at any time for any times above rules do not apply. Every of these conflicts and decisions will be notified to the board of Scouting Nederland.

© Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde– 2019. The one and only true version of these house rules is the version from 26-12-2018. The organisation has the possibility to modify these house rules on small details up until one week before start of the event if needed.


For participants to Scout-Up Your Summer the collective, secondary accident- and liability insurance as contracted by Scouting Nederland/ Scouting estate Zeewolde are valid. It is important to contract further insurances while loss of and damage to materials and or persons are not automatically insured. When needed you can contract for a travel- and luggage insurance via