Do you want to know what you can expect during Scout-Up Your Summer? That is entirely up to you! Scout-Up Your Summer offers you a lot of active and challenging programs! It is up to you to get a 100% out of it and go for a 100% up against it.

During Scout-Up Your Summer an active and challenging program will be set up for your group. This program includes a day out at an amusement park of your choice, a hike, an afternoon filled with outdoor activities, an extensive BBQ, a night game and much more. There is a cozy campfire, an opening night with a welcome drink and a cozy conclusion with the other participating groups.

It is mentioned behind the external activities what the distance from Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde is and how the transport is arranged.

The activities are divided over different themes and, if you wish, also gives space to fill in your own program or just a moment of relaxation.

Dare and beware

At our own Scouting Landgoed Zeewolde we offer various challenges such as; Survival runway, Climbing tower, Upsailing, Cable car, Rope walk, Cushion fight on bar above the water. With your own group and leaders, under the guidance of our employees, you will learn how to tackle these challenges the best way. Do you dare to take on this challenge?

Play and stay

We have set up a game park with, among other things; a Pentathlon, Archery, Boerengolf (Farmers golf), Vikingspel.

In addition, you can play the famous games, Man do not get annoyed, Catan, Chess and Twister in man sized versions. Just with your own group and leaders. Or with mixed groups and their leaders going for the victory. Are you ready to play?

Make up your mind

Our site lends itself particularly well to roam around on and around it; we have set out an interactive escape tour of the terrain with coordinates and assignments for your group and leaders. Or would you rather opt for the Tour-to-do or our GeoCache tour? Make your choice and join.

That's life

Of course, Scouting without animals and nature is not possible. That is why you can get to know animals and nature in an interactive way with your group and leaders, including Discover Nature and animals, Meet the farmer, and the Weather project.

You will be amazed, what is involved in living and working on a farm. But also in the evening or early in the morning there is plenty to see around  and above your head. What is life beautiful.  


For the real water rats we offer various fun challenging, creative, water activities for your group and leaders such as; Building a raft, Splash-in the water with a nice floating attribute, swimming, canoeing, water balls (floating inside a ball on the water). But be aware you do not stay dry!

Be creative

At Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde more and more permanent items are being built, but now we offer your group and leaders the opportunity to help build a large totem pole that will brighten up the estate. Or will you come up with and implement a new challenge that is not yet in the Guinness book of records? For the coinoisseurs among you, we offer your group and leaders a cooking workshop on wood fire. Learn to cook nutritious and tasty meals on a wood fire. Or would you rather build a large Pioneering object together? You can also print your own T-shirt with your own print. In short, be creative and show it!

Let's go out

This part will be offered on Friday for all groups at the same time. With coaches we go from Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde to a fun activity somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Let Show

Scouting you have to show, they sometimes say. Well you get that chance now. Make your choice; make a camp newspaper, make a blog and vlog, creating a FB page and website, create a SUYS (TV) media program, create a radio program, joining "Scouts got Talent". Would you like to make your own story for a camp newspaper or rather a vlog or blog and share it on social media? Or you can create your own SUYS Facebook page where you share all your activities and photos. But if you want to go a step further than we challenge you to participate in the SUYS TV and Radio program. Become a reporter or presenter. For the real stars we offer you a stage at "SUVS week" at "Scouts got talent". Join in and show what you can do.