Register as a participant

Do you want to register as a participant? Nice! As a participant you can register with your entire group in one go (group registration). A complete group contains scouts and/or explorers, but also your own leaders. Individual registration is unfortunately not possible. Participating in Scout-Up Your Summer costs € 224.50 per person for a whole week including food. Do you want to register? Keep your Scouts Online log-in ready. Do you have to log in first? Then follow the steps for logging into Scouts Online and then (again) click on the following link to the registration form:

> Click here to go to the registration page in Scouts Online

In the registration form you indicate the following:

  • Number of youth members that will participate
  • Number of management that will participate
  • Number of cars, bicycles, trailers, fleets and / or waiting vessels that you take with you
  • Which subcamp you want to be (scouts or explorers)
  • Who of the management is the contact person on the site
  • Per day which optional basic activities you want to do and per day which Up activities you may want to reserve
  • Number of bikes that you may want to rent (per day or week) from us

You do not have to indicate who is participating in your group; you do that only just before Scout-Up via the night register.

ATTENTION: the person who makes the group registration will receive all information in advance of the camp!

Change your registration

Up to 1 June 2021 the registration can be changed or cancelled free of charge by the contact person. These changes must be made on the registration form in Scouts Online. After 1 June 2021 the number of participants can only be increased.

Cancellation of one or more participants between 2 June and 1 July will result in a 50% refund of the participation costs. In case of cancellation of one or more participants after 1 July there will be no refund of participation costs; in that case we have already incurred costs to make your participation in Scout-Up Your Summer a success.

Final registration date

The final registration date for Scout-Up Your Summer 2021 is 1 June 2021 (provided the maximum number of participants has not yet been reached).

Participant contribution

The participant contribution for Scout-Up Your Summer 2021 amounts to € 224.50 per participant, including all activities, nutrition and reservation of related products such as bicycles. The contact person will receive the invoice by e-mail from 1 June. After receipt of the invoice, a payment term of 1 week applies.


After 1 June you will receive an e-ticket per group and information about the arrival on the site and participation in any of the Up activities.

Leadership meeting

If you participate in Scout-Up Your Summer we also expect someone from your group at the leaders meeting in May 2021. More information about the times and location will be available in the spring.

  • Click here to register the leader for the leader meeting